Kathy Carlton Willis writes and speaks with a balance of funny and faith—whimsy and wisdom. Not many funny girls also have Bible degrees! She graduated with honors from Bible College, holding degrees in Bible and Church Education, and has served for thirty years in full-time church ministry with her pastor/husband, Russ. She’s active as a book industry pro, while also staying involved in the teaching and music ministries of her church.

Kathy’s tagline: God’s Grin Gal

Kathy works with women’s groups and writers’ groups, inside and outside the church. She’s passionate about helping believers have “aha! moments” with the daily application of Scripture.

She enjoys coaching others to learn how to remove the training wheels and not just risk, but take pleasure in the joy ride of a life trusting in God. Even with all the circumstances she’s faced, she gives a very clear message that she possesses an expectant hope and contentment in the Lord. Something we can all experience.

Kathy Carlton Willis owns KCW Communications, spinning many plates as writer, editor, speaker, and coach. Her projects have appeared online and in print publications, such as The Paris News, The Sunday Challenger, Byline, Victorian Homes, CBN.com, Novel Journey, Advanced Christian Writer, Christian Fiction Online Magazine, The Dabbling Mum, and more.

She has published a Bible Study book with AMG Publishing titled Grin with Grace (2015). She has also published Speaker to Speaker: The Essential Speaker’s Companion (2015). Kathy penned a marketing book available to coaching clients and conference attendees: My Book’s Ready, Now What? Finding Your Way Through the Marketing Maze.

Kathy has a background in newspaper journalism, working as copyeditor and feature writer for several newspapers. She served as grammar and style guru for three publications—red ink is her friend! She ghostwrites a variety of books and e-books for clients.

Kathy is a member of the Christian Humor Writers and her humor pops up in her writing and speaking. Her column “Grin with Kathy” just retired at My Purpose Now (for Christian women 50+), and it is being picked up by CBN. She’s also a contributing writer for Upgrade Your Life, and has archived articles with The Christian Pulse, The Pastor’s Wife Speaks, and others.

Kathy is co-founder of WordGirls, a community of Christian female writers who receive professional coaching from Kathy in a variety of settings. She is also the platform panelist for The Christian Writers View, online.

Kathy is frequently invited to speak at Christian writers conferences. She also writes inspirational, motivational and transparent posts on social networking. Kathy’s tagline reveals her essence—God’s Grin Gal.

She writes and speaks on the issues that hold believers back and shines the light on their path to freedom. Kathy shines, whether she’s shining the light on God’s writers and speakers, or reflecting God’s light during her speaking opportunities.

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